Saturday 17 April 2010

Party time

Although his birthday was a couple of weeks ago, we had his party yesterday, so that particular friends could make it. Ethan helped to make the party bags from newspaper, and then lovingly filled them with raisins, fairtrade chocolate mini eggs, a dreamcatcher, Tinti bath colour and a pencil made from a twig. I eventually got around to making some bunting, not as hard as I'd had in my mind, so some more might be on the cards!
Some rather excited boys awaiting the guests arrival.
The games got started, there aren't pictures of all of them, but this game went down a storm! If you roll a six you get to put on a hat and scarf, pick up the knife and fork, and attempt to get yourself some chocolate (organic of course!) without using your fingers! Meanwhile, the rest of the children are trying to get a six, and as soon as they do, all hell breaks loose whilst one gives up the hat and scarf and the next tries to get on with the task at hand as quickly as possible!!
Food time!
Another popular game, flour in a bowl, upturned out onto a plate, with a sweet balance on top. Take it in turns to cut away at the flour, but if you make the sweet fall, you have to retrieve it with your mouth!
8 children all popping their own square of bubble wrap! Frantic but fun!
There was also toasting marshmallows over the firebowl, trampolining, pass-the-parcel, pin the tail on the donkey (Ethan's favourite) and Blind Mans Bluff.
We could have continued for hours, they all really enjoyed themselves, and it was lovely doing a proper birthday party, rather than those soft play jobs! Another bonus was, as he could only invite a few true friends rather than the whole class, he didn't have too much in the way of silly gifts!

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  1. That party looks fab! I bet everyone really enjoyed themselves.


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