Monday 12 April 2010

Spring cleaning and woods

A spot of spring cleaning in the garden over the weekend, it's amazing how dirty everything gets, but it was made all the more easier, and pleasant with some willing helpers.
And following a very stressful trip to a certain horrible toy shop (how I wish I could have convinced them to spend their money at somewhere like Myriad!) We called in on some woods on the way back, where we discovered muddy puddles for throwing stones in...

...fences to climb...

...and sticks to traverse the mud with, whilst Luke tries to knock them off! Big brothers hey?!
We also heard a woodpecker, but unfortunately did not catch a glimpse of it, but at the end of the walk we discovered that the wood is home to all three varieties of woodpecker, I wonder which one it was?


  1. Lovely pictures of your day x

    We're very interested in identifying birds and especially the woodpeckers in the wooded area behind our house and on the way to pre-school. Imogen and I like to check out the sounds here

    so she knows which one she heard even if she didn't see it. Check out the birds by name and there are sound clips for most birds. Enjoy. Imogen loves playing with this ;-)

  2. Loving all this muddy outdoor play. xx

  3. What fun! (And I LOVE Sophie's tshirt!)


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