Tuesday 13 April 2010

Why do I think I should...

... take the children out during the holidays? Surely I've learned my lesson by now! Places heaving with people, especially when the sunshine is out! And all the boys want to do is go home and play! We did enjoy feeding the swans and ducks, especially as one of last years cygnets would feed from your hand. But after our picnic they just wanted to go home, Luke wanted to via a forest, but got out-voted by the other two!

I think we are raising some home-birds here! And some comments that Luke made make me think that even he realises that we are not quite like the people we have around us, ie we want solitude and peacefulness (along with a few trees!) rather than busy-ness, cars, people and hustle and bustle!

I will try to remember this exerience next time I think we ought to go out, as that is what people should do when the children are off from school!!


  1. I must admit to trying to avoid very busy places in the holidays. I love taking the kiddies out to parks, rivers, nans and grandads and the odd charity shop but we do love nothing more than pottering around our own garden or allotment. I have been doing crafty projects with the kiddies this holiday and we are all really enjoying them :-)

  2. It is a hard one though - I know where you are coming from here. I think though, that you are doing more good by nurturing their imaginations with their own games than any organised 'experience' could. Try to think of a mantra to say to yourself whenever you find yourself looking up the Whats on for Kids page. xxx
    p.s ds1 was always a home bird when he was little and heis planning on doing his uni 3rd year in Australia!

  3. Yep, we learnt that lesson long ago. Devon and school holidays really do not mix very well...


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