Sunday 25 April 2010

My kind of week!

Apart from the children returning to school, this has been a lovely week. Lots of little things that have really made it wonderful.

We started off, as did the rest of Europe, with plane-less skies, and it was so lovely to see such a vibrant blue sky unspoilt by contrails.

Our breastfeeding group moved locations, and we still got new people coming, which was great, as I had quite imagined that people would be confused as to where it was. This was followed with meeting up with a dear friend on her due date to go for a walk, a priviledge to share a portion of the last few days before she meets number 4. Birthing vibes coming your way Jo!

And we eventually sorted out for Alec to go to a scalextric club he has been wanting to go to for the last 6 months! His first day was Monday, and he really enjoyed himself, a little boys dream, 6 lanes of racing on a track that fills a barn!!

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I managed some time down the allotment. Planted the last of the spuds, did some more weeding, watering, and alot of breastfeeding! I'm sure that's why Sophie gets so excited about the allotment, she thinks the sole reason we are there is to feed, feed, feed!

I have decided to revamp our diets, trying very hard to introduce way more veggies, and more meat-less meals (especially for me!) We made nettle fritters with nettles and eggs fresh from the garden, and I have started sprouting seeds to add to salad, but am having trouble remembering to rinse them at the moment. Does anyone know if it is still ok to use them if you have missed a rinsing?

Saturday, Stuart discovered there was a food festival in a local town, so we went to investigate, as Stuart's favourite beer (made by a local brewery, Purity) was being combined with local pork to make Ubu sausages, which he was determined to try! So after a lovely wander through the streets of Alcester, munching of a falafel wrap (for me) and pork and stuffing baps for the others! We discovered the sausages! We also came across some morris dancers. Luke's comment was "surely they must be drunk to do that!" However, Sophie enjoyed bopping along to the olde english music!

On our return home, we took out an enormous laurel bush (actually 12 smaller ones conjoined into one big green mass). We had been meaning to do this for years, but took the plunge yesterday. Luke was not impressed, so has planted one of the root balls in the pot the Christmas tree used to inhabit, to see if it will survive! Our plan is to make a flower garden, cottage garden-esque.

To top this off we had a barbeque with the said sausages and homemade bread rolls. A lovely end to a lovely week.


  1. sounds perfect to me ... lovely xx

  2. What a great week, glad your son got into the club he wanted to - what a great idea for a club!


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