Sunday 4 April 2010


Look at my little boy, so proud he is following his brothers in the Scouts. This was the day before he turned six.

Gosh, six years have gone so fast, from that peaceful birth, where you were delivered so quietly onto my tummy, and stared at me with those beautiful big eyes. (You used to describe your eyes as chocolate eyes, which is such a good description). It took 24 hours before you uttered your first cry, so chilled from the very start.

Such a beautiful relationship you have with Alec, doing so much together. And you are adored by Sophie, who will wait for you by the classroom door, (just as you used to do with Alec) and gives you such lovely hugs, even if she hasn't quite learned to share me with you yet!

Watching you grow is such a wonderful experience, I love the way you dance when you think no-one is watching, how you act "cool", how I will find you sat at your desk, drawing for ages. I wish for you, a wonderful year ahead, surrounded with love and laughter. xx

Here is a glimpse of the birthday celebrations. A game of blindfold jenga.

The trike that turns 360 on a pinhead. A hit with all of them! (and the neighbourhood boys!)

Blowing out candles.
The cake!


  1. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Ethan. :)

  2. Lovely pics and I am inspired by the lego cake for K's next birthday!

  3. What a fab fab cake! My Ethan would love that cake as he loves lego too (and so do I :-) ).

  4. Happy birthday to Ethan - such a fab idea for a cake!

  5. Happy birthday Ethan. Fantastic cake.
    Sending wishes of much joy, love and happiness for the year ahead.

  6. Aw, that's a lovely post. Happy Birthday Ethan. I love the Lego cake by the way!!


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