Saturday 10 March 2012

What are the chances of that?

A few months ago, a blogging friend Becks over at KnitSewHooked did a little post about some blogs she was liking.  One of those was mine (I felt very honoured) and another one was Lucy 'in the sky'.  I went over and checked out her blog and immediately thought that there were alot of similarities in the things that we liked.  Spinning, crochet, gardening, keeping chickens, we had boys of a similar-ish age, etc  the list seemed endless, and it soon became one of my favourite blogs.

So imagine my excitement when I realised she was relatively local.  Then imagine my surprise when I realised she was most likely in the same town.  I eventually plucked up the courage to contact her, and we actually live about 3 miles away from each other!!  What are the chances of that, that somebody who lives over a hundred miles away ends up introducing (unbeknownst to her) two bloggers from thee same town?

Lucy and I met up this last Thursday.  1 1/2 hours just isn't long enough when you are both enthusiastic about the same things!  Mind you, conversation was rather disjointed when Sophie decided she was needing me to play witches with the big cardboard box house!

Lucy came bearing gifts...
...some seeds for Sophie and I and a short story book all about knitting and other woolly things!  We have already had imaginary seeds sown all around the cardboard house, and wonderful sunflower garden spring up in the lounge!  Oh, how I wish my imagination was as great as Sophie's!  And the book is perfect.  I can read a whole story in the short time between getting into bed and falling asleep!

Thank you Lucy for a wonderful afternoon, and look forward to our adventures together.


  1. It's lovely to connect with someone in that way, glad you had a lovely time.
    Lovely choice of book too x

  2. How lovely for you Claire :) xxx

  3. I think the word to sum it up is synchronicity, Wikipedia explains it rather well :) I have been rather pleased telling people I have a 'Real Life Blog Friend' and we share lots of common interests. I had a great chin wag and look forward to more adventures. xxx

  4. Oh.. how lucky of you to get to spend time in real life with one of my favorite bloggers! Next time give Lucy a hug for me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. How lovely, hope you have many happy times together.
    A few years ago I was contacted by someone who read a post of mine on a site and thought I might be from the same town. I was, we met, she is now one of my closest friends (strangest thing was our paths had crossed many years earlier and she recognised me)
    Carol xx


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