Thursday 8 March 2012


A few weeks ago a small newspaper article caught my eye.  A drumming group were coming to play at a local Social Club just a couple of districts away.  I looked up on the website given and was astounded with what I saw.  This was amazing, and we could see it in such a small venue.  We booked tickets, and last night was the night.

Absolutely amazing!  Luke said that it was one of the best evenings of his life.  Such talent, such power, such beauty, and some humour thrown in too.  We chatted with a couple of them in the interval, and they are lovely people as well.  We are going to try and catch them again when they play Solihull in May.  And Luke and Ethan want to go do the weekend course they run up in Scotland!!

They are touring lots of small venues this spring, and if you fancy a cheap night out (£25 for 5 of us) which will blow your mind, then please check these guys out. You won't regret it. 

*photo taken of the flyer as flash photography was not allowed.


  1. Sounds like a great night!

  2. I thought I recognised them - they did a week long course near us one summer - where we used to be. Ah well - now you have an excuse to come up! xx

  3. Jacqui, that thought had crossed my mind ;)


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