Tuesday 6 March 2012

An auction

 I have a friend in Ireland, called Rosemary, who I think is a saint in disguise!  She has a heart of gold, and is always looking out for those less fortunate than herself.  She works half the year selling tickets on the car ferry going over to Valentia Island, and she heard of a man from Valentia Island who is needing an operation to treat his liver and bowel cancer.  He needs to raise 80,000 Euros to cover all the costs involved, and there is a big fundraising effort to raise these funds for him. 

Rosemary asked me if I could make something for an online auction on facebook.  So, with my Aisling Designs hat on I offered to make some bunting.  If anyone is interested in it, it can be found at here.  And if you do not have a facebook account, but are still interested then you can let me know, and I can put a bid in for you.
Please check out the auction if you get a chance.  It is the online auction for the Paul Curran Trust.

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  1. Very nice of you to donate.. I hope it makes lots of money for the cause! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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