Wednesday 5 January 2011

Turning the day around

After spending the night tossing and turning over some silly comments I came across on Facebook, and after some wonderful advice from online friends, I managed to escape the doom and gloom (made worse by such a gloomy day weather wise). We had a trip to the farm shop, whic means we now have a choice of meals. Even though the last few days meals of wracking my brains as to what to make have resulted in some wonderfully tasty meals ( although I will never understand how one meal that is woolfed down by everyone, but had lots of leftovers, when rehashed is then picked over, despite being the exact same food that they ate the day before!)

Anyway, after the farm shop, Sophie and I were watching Peppa Pig, and they had one of those cup and wire telephones. I got thinking, and decided to make one for the boys. Luke and Ethan had never done it before, Alec had, but it didnt work. Well, they were amazed. Played with it for a good half hour, took it to neighbours to show it off! Sophie added "interference" to the line, which was interesting!

Then, after making sure homework was done for school tomorrow, Luke set about making some coconut ice slice, as a treat for lunch boxes tomorrow. I even managed to squeeze in some cello practice!

Other things we have been up to are spring cleaning! This year WILL be the year we get straight. So we now have shelves in the utility, with space for all my preserves too, as well as clear work surfaces (honestly, this space was an utter tip before the weekend!)
And I cleaned the fridge today, it is gleaming, I could get quite used to this cleaning lark, it is an honour to open the fridge now!
And to top it all off, our new vac arrived this evening. Our previous one died a death the other day after 1o years of faithful service. We now have an all singing, all dancing Dyson "ball". For someone who is always willing to find an excuse not to do housework, I have been strangely suprised with these last few days, and how great it has been making me feel. We are a long way off straight, but I reckon a week on each room, that should keep me going for a few months, and hopefully it will be easier to keep on top of it all then.


  1. Ooh I do love a good spring clean! I have been doing the same these past few days, it is very satisfying to clean up a room and make better use of the space! I love my dyson, it's been fixed many times but still works just as it did when I first bought it. Children are so fickle with food aren't they, there is rarely a night here when everyone is happy with what they are eating, I suppose thats one of the joys of a big family!

  2. Great to hear you sounding positive now. I have a dyson ball hoover and it's great - much more fun doing the housework.


  3. It really does feel good to be Getting Stuff Done! It just takes that extra effort to get going...

    Glad you feel brighter. xxx

  4. I love it when I clean out the fridge. i keep opening the door and admiring it! Must do it again though.
    My children all hate left over dinners - except Christmas dinner. I dn't know what is different about that, as they will turn their noses up at cold roast chicken - hey ho.xx

  5. Pleased your day improved x
    Oh, yes fridge - mine needs a good clean too, popped on my list now ;-)

  6. The inside of my fridge is rather unsavoury at the moment; will make it gleam like yours tomorrow :)
    When I got my new vacuum cleaner I vacced daily for about a week - then the novelty wore off!!

  7. Wow! a fridge clean enough to put a pic up on the internet!
    I've only got a normal dyson but oh my goodness me it made life so much easier than it was with a little vacuum cleaner.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour!
    Hazel xx


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