Saturday 29 January 2011

The plan

So, whilst cleaning the oven yesterday (long overdue by a couple of years!) Sophie decided she would like to do some painting. Well, I'm all for distraction when doing cleaning, so we set up the dining table and she set about creating. I decided to join in, and decided to paint the allotment plan for this coming year. I figure this will be neatest it will ever look, for a start there is not a weed in sight! And so that it doesn't matter if I lose the piece of paper, I thought the safest place to put it was on the computer, and then for easy reference put it on the blog! I haven't lifted a paint brush in years, and thoroughly enjoyed just messing about.
And then just because...
I took Sophie swimming for the first time in a long time the other day. She hated it, and we lasted about 5 minutes. However, she has taken a shine to wearing the arm bands at any inopportune moment. We were trying to get ready to go to school at this point!


  1. Want to come do my oven too? I offered a teen £20 to do it and she refused - lazy teens or minging oven do you think?
    Great allotment planning, unfortunately we just gave ours up, big plans coming up hopefully.
    Nice to catch u with you again.

  2. Loving the allotment plan..not so much the oven cleaning ;o). The light doesn't work in my oven so I can't see how bad it is!!

  3. The light doesn't work in our oven either, but I could smell how bad it was!

  4. I love the plans for the allotment, that will certainly give you a boost on cold, wet days, bet you can't wait for Spring!!

    I love the armband wearing. Who says you have to go swimming to wear them anyway?

    Dirty oven here too. One of the best things I ever bought from Lakeland is their oven liner, you just put it at the bottom of your oven and when you get round to washing it (like in five years or so) you just stick the liner in the hot, soapy water and all the shlepp slides off and bingo, the oven liner goes back and clean oven!! My oven liner is filthy come to think of it. Some jobs, even when made easy are still too grotty to be priority ;) xxx

  5. Great allotment plan!

    Don't mention ovens, avoiding mine too at the moment and another without a light so I can't see it ;-)

  6. Hello
    I like your allotment plan! I don't think I have ever cleaned my oven..!


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