Sunday 16 January 2011

Just how weekends should be

Saturday was such a relaxing day, but productive all at the same time. The boys even commented on what a nice day it was, people getting on with things they wanted to do, no arguing, lovely! So what did we do? Teddy bears picnic in the kitchen... ...followed by the wooden farm, reading books, playing games, paper craft (otherwise known as Luke making more paper guns!), playing outside, homemade tomato soup (thumbs up from everyone!), watching the Baggies game (Stuart), and a quick shopping trip for late Christmas presents. To top it off, Luke made tea (I could seriously get used to that, I was able to do a few lines of knitting whilst tea was being made!) He made the most delicious cornish pasties, making his own pastry too.
Sunday was meeting up with Stuart's brother and his family at a lovely restaurant near Warwick. Food was amazing, children were well behaved, and everyone felt they had had a lovely get together with lovely people.
We all feel rejuvinated for the week ahead, blimey, we even got homework done before Sunday evening! This really is how weekends should be. :)


  1. Sounds like my kind of weekend.
    Great to catch up with you all.

  2. Sounds like bliss - glad you had a good time xxx

  3. Sounds lovely.
    And is Stuart a baggies fan then? Woo hoo - I was born in Sandwell Hospital (the old one!) and the family are generally baggies fans.

    Dawn x

  4. Yes, Stuart is a Baggies fan. His family are from West Bromwich! Small world heh?


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