Thursday 19 August 2010


The caterpillars all turned into chrysalis', we even saw one shedding its skin as it went from one stage of caterpillar to another. And now they are turning into butterflies. We have not had a fantastic success rate. Some were parasitised, others just died. One died whilst attempting to get out of the chrysalis. It makes you realise how miraculous the whole process is, metamorphosis really is amazing. We have released 5 butterflies, with another 2 awaiting release once it stops raining. And despite close watching, we have yet to see one come out from the chrysalis.
Another update is on Bramble, the cat. Having gone around many of the neighbouring houses to where she was nesting, we found a lady who had just noticed her coming into her garden. She fed her, and kept us updated on her. She put an advert in the local paper, had some replies, but none were Brambles owners. The other day, Bramble took her four kittens into this ladies garden, so she phoned the Cat Sanctuary, and they came to collect Bramble and the kittens. We missed them by a couple of hours :(
We have been in touch with the sanctuary and expressed interest in adopting Bramble once she has weaned the kittens. At least for now she is safe, and getting lots of food and the attention she needs. They will microchip her and spay her, and hopefully she will be able to come to live with us. Fingers crossed.

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