Thursday 19 August 2010

A bit of creativity

A few odd socks lying around the house, some bored children, some buttons from my Nan's button collection I inherited, and some lavender from last years harvest, what do you get?

Some hardworking children, some learning new skills...

A very heady aroma of lavender, plus a bit of mess...
... and some rather fragrant sock creatures to stuff into smelly shoes at the end of the day!

Then today, a wet rainy afternoon, and a request to do some WarHammer. Sophie was fast asleep, so I took the chance to have a go at painting some of the Wood Elves I have been collecting over the past year or so. It took me an hour to paint this dryad, my first attempt at a dryad, and I am so pleased with the results.

Not the prettiest of woodland creatures, but great fun to paint!
Luke helped Ethan paint one of his Orcs, and we had a wonderful afternoon. I even managed to paint the leaves whilst breastfeeding, I was quite impressed with my multi-tasking!
I will have to take some pictures of Luke's armies he has created. It really is quite something. He is a wizz at playing the role playing game too. Much too strategic for me, I just like the painting!


  1. Lovely sock creations - great idea stuffing with lavender to pop them in shoes at the end of the day, might have to have a go at that sometime with Imogen.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the knitted garden - I have replied to it about how long it took - you should knit one - really fun project! The children will love it xxx

  2. lavender may be messy but doesn't it smell lovely when you hoover it up :-)

  3. I love the sock lavender bags, what a great idea! I love having a day of crafting, it really puts me in good spirits. xx

  4. Those socks are a brilliant idea. We'll be making those this week I think.


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