Monday 2 August 2010

Can it be 9 years already?

9 years of having such an intense little boy in our lives. You feel everything in the extreme, from joy to rage. But the joyous times are so infectious, bringing smiles and excitement to everyone around you. I love the way you cannot stand still when excited, how you throw yourself completely into everything that you do. You and Ethan are so close, and miss each other so much when you are not together. You would so dearly love a dog as a companion, and we were so tempted to get one for you, but hopefully, soon, you will get your wish.

Happy Birthday fella!

After a countdown of a few weeks, this wonderful little boy woke with his bountiful enthusiasm and announced to us it was his birthday! After present opening, him and his brothers went to try out the new gift, ie "lego rock band" for the Xbox 360. It has been an amazing hit, with children and adults alike!! We then went to a local stately home which has an adventure playground that I used to play on as a young girl, it hasn't changed much since, so really does challenge the children, as health and safety is far more lenient!
Flying on the see-saw, courtesy of Luke!!
Hand over hand on the rope.
And the obligatory tea party and cake to finish off the day (and abit more on the rock band game!) I must admit to cheating slightly with the cake with an icing plaque bought from a local icing shop!


  1. What a happy day you all had. i can feel the energy beaming out from your photographs. Happy Birthday to Alec - and to you too xxx

  2. Looks like you all had a great day. Time does go so quickly doesn't it? It seems like only the other day that I too was at that adventure playground and climbing the ladder to have a go on the high rope!!!!! In fact I remember it so vividly and even know what I was wearing! Hope you and your family hare having a great summer. x


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