Wednesday 15 February 2012

Inspiration and Pinterest

Do you remember me talking about finding inspiration for crafts here back in the autumn?  So many people mentioned Pinterest, so I thought it would be worth checking out.  Well, apart from it being addictive, it is full of inspiration for not only craft, but food, lifestyles and dreams, reading, pretty much anything you can think of actually!!

So, I have added a button on the side of my blog, should anyone want to see what is inspiring me at the moment.  But also it is great for seeing what others are being inspired by too, so it would be lovely to see you over there.


  1. I know I could browse for ages, so many wonderful ideas :-)

  2. Yes, a place I intend to spend more time - have started but very little pinned yet, but will grow with me ... seriously addictive and time sucking!

    Off to check out yours ;-)


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