Friday 4 November 2011

Inspiration for crafts

 I have been thinking for a while how nice it would be to have an inspiration board.  But it would take up precious space, and would (knowing me) accumulate all manner of irrelevant things just for want of somewhere to put something!  Also, alot of the inspiration I find about me can easily be stored as digital images, so I thought the best place would be as an element of this blog.  So interspersed with everything else that goes on, will be a few posts tagged as inspiration. 
 It also struck me that if I am to create seasonal things for Aisling Designs I am going to have to work a season ahead of myself, so these leaf pictures are to give me ideas for some painted clay leaves to incorporate into a mobile.  This will be for 2012 though!

 Other inspiration came in the form of an order for bunting.  It has given me an idea for doing some bunting that can be easily personalised, but can mostly be made up in advance, therefore making turnaround much quicker from order to delivery.
More inspiration for bunting has come from this lovely lady, who visited us at the Guild the other week.  Michela creates the most beautiful pieces on felt, which are embellished with stitching.  From the beautiful small badges, to enormous wall hangings on felted blankets, she really is amazing, and has inspired me to have a mess about in the new year to make some seasonal bunting on felted flags. And if you are around Coventry in December, check out her exhibition at the Herbert Gallery.

What inspires you?  How do you keep a record?


  1. Guild meetings are fantastic for inspiring you, trouble is finding th time to fit it all in.

    Other Guild members inspire me aswell as visitors/talks we have. There are some very talented folk always willing to share their passions, some fantastic felters like the one you saw. Good luck with your plans - felted bunting sounds lovely.

  2. forgot to add - notebooks are my records, or bookmarks on the internet for things found and discovered online - will be moving that to Pinterest when I get the time x

  3. You need to join pinterest! Millions of things (most of which you will never do) all collated on your own virtual non-space-invading pinboard!

  4. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the talk and you came away inspired!
    Your flag idea sounds great, I look forward to seeing it.
    M x

  5. I think using your blog as a place to catalog inspiration is a wonderful idea! Others have mentioned it but, Pinterest is a great way to do the whole inspiration board virtually.

  6. I have seen Pinterest - and I am even on it, but somehow it seems just another thing to do online. I find it hard to keep up with everything - and yet - I am often inspired by things i see...


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