Tuesday 22 November 2011

Seven Days

Celebrating the ordinary that makes up our week.  Joining in with Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter.

* trip to the park with neighbours from the present and the past. 
* a working dishwasher, oh the relief!!
* play tent for the children, don't be daft, they're made for cats don't you know!
* just one of those moments
* needing cake, feeling virtuous with the gluten free flour, best not mention the cocoa Sophie insisted on adding, and the chocolate spread I thought would enhance the overall effect.  Very nice they were too!
*Beginning to get Christmas-sy with my first attempt at Christmas cake
* Making Christmas cards, with contributions from Luke, Alec, Ethan and myself.

Thank you again Jacqui for this opportunity to celebrate normal, everyday life.


  1. Lol - i could hardly see the cat. What great things to celebrate, Claire. That cake looks wonderful - and the cards too. Lovely post. xxx

  2. what a wonderful 7 days! i am loving these 7 days posts. until i sit and write mine i don't always realise all the good in my week!

  3. Love the pictures, especially the dishwasher - (how lovely and shiny and how nice to have one back) - I also really like the reading picture - looks like the cat is listening too :-)


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