Monday 14 November 2011

Seven Days

Joining in with Jacqui's lovely idea about looking at the extraordinary ordinary from the last seven days.

Beginning to use up the apples from the allotment (thyme and apple jelly, and apple chutney)
 Helping make some banana and chocolate chip muffins (well, what else do you do with those really mushy bananas?
 Making playdough.
 The boys discovering toys that have been sat on the shelf for far too long.
 Home improvements restarting
 The best picture (how I wish for a fantastic zoom lens!) of the thing that makes me smile every morning.  I hear the parakeet every morning, and it graced us with its presence in the garden the other morning.
 New looks for the younger boys.
Thank you Jacqui for making me look at our week with fresh eyes.


  1. Thank you, dear Claire, for joining in with this. Such lovely things in your week - the boys look great - and how beautiful that play dough shot is - have a wonderful seven days ahead xxx

  2. lovely to share your days darling x

  3. I know exactly what you mean about the zoom! Love those haircuts and how exciting...a new bath!
    I like the playdough shot too..all green and swirly! Thank you for sharing your 7 days!


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