Sunday 12 February 2012

Seven Days

 Well, we started off with snow.  Exciting for the children, and the cat.  But started to wear a bit thin when trying to push the push chair through it to the shops in order to get food.  Sophie has done really well walking to school, and pre-school and back again, as she would normally go in the pushchair, but trying to negotiate the steep hill that gets very icy is hard enough as it is, without adding a pushchair into the mix!  It led to a few hair raising moments when both Sophie and I were sliding, and I was trying to support her, but could barely support myself!  Hills and snow are great for sledging, not so great for everyday living!!

Of course, in the midst of the snow we also lost Hetty, but I have already mentioned that, so I won't go on!  But on a brighter note, I won a little competition on Facebook, and received a beautiful faerie in the post from The Faerie Factory.
 Stuart has been very busy with miniatures, spending the week painting some WarMachine Sygnar models for a demonstration the club were helping out with at the weekend.  The club is coming on in leaps and bounds, and making quite a name for itself in the local wargaming world.
 I have been busy too, with two lots of bunting on the go, another order for bunting in the sidelines, as well as a couple of story bags to complete.  I am hoping this next week some of them will be completed.
 To finish off the week, a local derby with our team (West Bromwich Albion) playing Wolves.  Televised, and they won!!  We have come to expect any televised game to be a wash out for us, but a 5-1 win was fantastic, and Sophie was "boing-ing" to the telly!

Thank you Jacqui for the idea of these weekly reviews, I love looking back on the little things.  Looking forward to the week ahead, it is half term, so we can live at our own pace, and we don't have too much planned, which is generally what the boys like doing best, their own thing!!


  1. Lovely to share your week's blessings - even if the joy of snow is wearing a bit thin. We are very smug up here - having sunny mild days and not much wind for a change. So good to hear about the success of the warhamner club - another great community builder xx

  2. what a lovely week despite the ice. the snow/ ice blocks have only just stated to melt today. been waiting for it to get above freezing all week. i feel your pain!

  3. A lovely week's review. The snow has almost gone so I hope we'll get out for a walk tomorrow.
    Well done on winning the beautiful faerie and well done West Brom, great result.
    Caron xx


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