Sunday 5 February 2012


 Yay, it snowed!!  I was getting rather sceptical that it would snow, but yesterday afternoon it started, and once the snow got to a useable depth the children (and cat) where out in it!  Plenty of snowballs, plenty of throwing!
 Sophie was out in it for much longer than I could manage, and thoroughly enjoyed herself. 
 It was Gimli's first experience of the stuff, and he seems to like snow far more than rain!  He was chasing around in it, pouncing and thoroughly enjoying himself.

 Ethan was wrapped up nice and warm, but I think we will have to invest in some better gloves.  Sophie has inherited his old gloves we had for Lapland, and Alec's gloves that Ethan has inherited are now numbering one!  What's the bet though, at this time of year you cannot buy gloves in the shops, they'll be getting ready for spring and summer now!! 

One ironic moment, in amidst the snowstorm was the sound of the parakeet.  Not sure what he made of it all, but he's still around!
 And then, completely unrelated to the snow, the other night the moon was utterly fabulous, so bright in the sky and so clear.  My camera was nowwhere near up to the job, and I so wished I had a telescope at that moment.  But I thought I'd still put my measly photo here, just to remind me of the splendour I saw that night.
Hope you are able to enjoy this seasonal weather.  Ethan was hoping that Father Christmas would pay another visit, seeing as it was snowing.  Sorry Ethan!


  1. I love the cat having fun and the kids of course. My youngest is out in it again right now! I just looked out of the window and saw him making himself 'Boobies' out of snowballs and dancing on the front lawn! Great what will the neighbours think! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the Alpaca pattern I think it will be perfect. :)

  2. Gaia figured it was Christmas again too - wanted to bring the christmas tree back in, love their magic minds! Much love x

  3. Gimli looks to be enjoying the snow. Our Rosie pokes her nose out, turns round and heads back to bed.

    Carol xx


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