Monday 13 February 2012


I come across the discount website Approved Food, which I think is fantastic given our current food bill!Order a load of wheat based mixes such as bread roll mix, scone mix, and pizza base mix, along with a few packets of tortillas...

 ...and then I come to the realisation that the symptoms I have been experiencing lately are very similar to when I had to give up wheat when I was pregnant with Sophie.    So the closest I am going to get to anything cake-y or bread-y or scrummy, is a gluten free cake, which whilst edible, is not quite the same. 

My first attempt at gluten free cooking, not bad, I suppose!

I'm sincerely hoping that I can get away with a month of gluten free to give my body time to heal, so fingers crossed please! 


  1. Bless you, isn't life just like that! Gluten free isn't all bad though, I have got so used to it, I hardly ever think of the alternatives! Gluten free brownies made with ground almonds are literally to die for! Your cake looks pretty yummy to me too, I bet it tasted good with a cup of tea! Gluten free flour can be a bit tricky to work with, but adding almonds really helps, as does adding egg to gluten free pastry. The Genius range of gluten free breads makes delicious toast too, just right for lashings of homemade marmalade! Happy eating xx

  2. As you say - typical! Hope you are feeling better soon (and I'm sure the hoards will eat all the floury stuff) Hugs xx

  3. Ooops.

    Doves gluten free flour is pretty good, I've made some lovely muffins with it, and the lemon poppy seed recipe on the packet is very tasty. I find the trick with the doves one is to use more liquid that you would normally.


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