Friday 24 February 2012

Decisions, decisions.

 Aisling Designs is keeping me wonderfully busy at the moment.  I love having little projects to do, and have actually made some bunting that is not to order.  This "Hope" bunting will hopefully one day find a home with someone who needs to have a little light, and brightness brought into their lives.  On the back is embroidered part of an Irish blessing "May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain".  It is £18 plus postage.
I've also had some custom bunting to do too.  Ready for a little girl's birthday later in March.  
 But my indecision comes from what to do with my Misi shop.  It is useful to have somewhere to show what things I have in stock, but I have never sold anything directly from the shop.  It has always been via either facebook, my blog, or word of mouth.  Facebook now has "shops", but not everyone chooses to use facebook.  I could use Etsy instead, as it has more traffic, but could I cope with a possible increase in orders, especially at this time of year when the garden and allotment are beginning to call to me?  
I would love to hear from others who have online businesses, whilst juggling everything else.  What are your experiences of using Etsy?  Where would you look for handmade products?  Please feel free to share any experiences you have, both positive and negative of these different methods of selling, as I am going round in circles here!!


  1. Beautiful bunting. My two peneth worth...I love Etsy and pop from blogs via buttons to peoples Etsy stores, you can build circles and favourite items too, it may be worth giving it a whirl. Oh yes the gardening is definitely calling with the arrival of the sunshine...I feel a seed/seedling swap coming on... :)

  2. I love Etsy, I go there (or Misi/Folksy) for any presents I need. How about keeping your current system for custom orders but using Etsy for already made goods? See how it goes from there. Good luck with it all xx

  3. I was going to suggest what Carly said (ie using Etsy for ready made items).

    Love the Buntings you've already made xxx

  4. Your bunting us really lovely, Claire. I love the colours.

  5. Some thoughts from here - I have an etsy shop as you know and have had some sales through there - people I know, some I didn't and the circles are a good way to find others and be seen; mine is much neglected at the moment as there are other things taking up my time but it's there when I have something to pop in. I have started putting some things on as made to order - so that I can choose to pop it on if I know I have the time to make one, and other things are already made and on there.
    Similar to yourself many things don't actually make it to the shop, through friends, contacts, a local handcrafts gallery, etc.

    Not sure if that helps, I went for etsy as it had larger traffic, and never think to look at the other online craft shops really unless I see a shop advert I fancy taking a peek at. Although there is increased traffic on etsy, you are still in control of how much you can make at any one time - either as an item "ready" or "made to order".

    Good luck however you go forward x

  6. Lovely bunting, so cheerful! I too use Etsy, not to sell, though if I were to, I would use them. Its the first place I look for handmade items, and I have always had a positive experience. I would personally lean toward having items made ready to sell, though it depends entirely how long it takes to make them. The great outdoors is calling me far too much at the moment to have any other free time! Good luck xx

  7. I love that bunting - really cheerful colours too! I began using Misi, but now I use Etsy and much prefer it. Hard to say which was more popular as I was selling my dolls mostly through Misi and my leather stuff through Etsy. I much prefer Etsy though because I like the promotion tools that they have there and find it easier to browse and collect my favourite items.

    As for your time, that's a harder one, but I would say go for it because you can always close your shop if it gets too much. As others have said, you could keep your shop strictly to custom orders, that way you have control over the workload a lot more and won't be getting orders when you don't want them.

    Let me know if you open an Etsy shop, I will put a link in my sidebar!

    Hope it's as lovely and sunny with you as it is here. xxxx

  8. Beautiful bunting :) as always.
    I haven't got experience of selling but in buying terms I found misi really awkward! I once had to attempt to buy something seven times before it worked! My sister sells on etsy and loves it. She has had commissions from people in the US and it gave her a huge sense of achievement! :)
    So great to hear your business is doing so well.

  9. Lovely bunting. I love colour...:)


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