Friday 12 August 2011

Starting but never...


This seems to be the pattern of my life at the moment.  Well, if the truth be known it is probably not just limited to this moment!!  I am very good at starting projects, having ideas for things, getting things started, and then I lose interest, or something more appealing comes along.  I have so many works in progress at the moment, it really is getting to the point of ridiculous.  I am knitting characters to make up a story bag for Sophie's birthday, crocheting a double bed sized granny stripe blanket, making a sack boy for Luke's birthday.  I started on the alpaca fleece yesterday, did 10 minutes, then went on to something else! 

At the end of the day the house can be a tip, not just from the children, but from all the things I have half done before getting distracted! 

In my bid to clear space in my head, I am going to finish the works in progress before anything else gets started (well, I think the crocheted blanket will have to overlap with some new projects, as I have Christmas things that I need to get a start on!)

It's not just crafting projects and housework though, I go through real fits and starts with many ideas I have.  I wish the enthusiasm would last long enough to complete each project, rather than it all becoming a chore.  I think I will have to do some serious work on my mindset, as it really is not a good example to set the children, and not a really good outlook to have on life in general. 

I was wondering whether it is my version of consumerism, collecting ideas and projects, ticking boxes, being able to say I've been there, done that, and move on to the next thing.  Perhaps I just have to be more organised, another area that I lack in! Or learn how to find joy in things I have lost the enthusiasm for. 

Right, better go and make a start on this pile of half done projects.  See you in a year or so!!


  1. I can relate to this so much, you are not alone and I am sure a lot of crafting mama's are the same too. I actually need more than one thing or project on the go so I can flit between them depending on my mood. So one night I can be knitting, another spinning, another felting and all my other interest. Just lately I've got back into doing a little weaving and spent the last few evenings weaving up some samples of my handspun.

    Sometimes it can get a bit too much though and I have a splurge on completing things, just to clear space to start again ;-)

    Organisation is not one of my strong points, although in some areas of life I like to be very organised - maybe I should join you in clearing through my piles of WIPs! (if only I could remember what they are!)

    Dawn x

  2. I hear you too...the joys of being a crafty person I think ;o)



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