Friday 26 August 2011

3 already!

 My littlest is 3!!  In one respect it seems like a blink of an eye since she was born, but it also seems she has been around for so much longer!  She had alot of experience of birthdays recently, so was very specific about what her own birthday was going to consist of.  One of those things was a "George" cake with Peppa, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig on it.  So I spent the other evening despairing as to how to recreate 2D figures in the 3D, and they still be recognisable.  But I think we got there, and the important thing is Sophie was pleased with it!

After waiting a couple of hours for the rest of the house to wake up on her birthday morning, she opened her presents.  A Sylvanian family playground...
 A balance bike, which was ridden by much bigger children too!
 And a little bag I had been working on...
 ...filled with knitted animals, and an acorn, so she can recount her favourite story of Chicken Licken.
 We went out for a few hours, found a lovely little bistro place, which served the most delicious food, and were so accomodating with the children.  I can see us frequenting that place again.
 Sophie was insistent she wanted a pink cupcake.  The lady took her behind the counter, and got the chef to prepare a very fancy presentation of the cake.  Sophie, being Sophie, just ate all the icing, but it was lovely all the same!
 We then stopped off at Bidford-on-Avon, had a play in the park, and then headed home...
 ...for a birthday tea of jelly and of course cake!
(There was other food, but those were the only things Sophie was interested in!!)

Happy birthday Sophie. Our wonderful, funny, independent (when she wants to be!) 3 year old!!


  1. Goodness me, can't believe she's already 3. Happy Birthday Sophie, what a wonderful birthday x.
    Love the Chicken Licken set, that was a well loved story here at that age too - well done Mama x

  2. Happy Birthday Sophie!!

    Love Daddy Pig, clever you!!!



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