Tuesday 2 August 2011

Double figures!

 This is what birthday mornings are all about for our smiling, lego mad 10 year old!!  Although he did actaully abandon it for a little while to go and check out his other presents too!  He was perfectly happy to stay at home all day and play, but we eventually managed to think of somewhere he could go with his broken finger, that didn't involve trying to keep Sophie quiet for 2 hours, as would have been the case if we had gone to the cinema! 

So we went to a nearby craft place, where we had drinks and icecream, sat outside in the perfect August weather, not sunny, but warm with the slightest hint of a breeze. All of us were admiring the location and talking of hobbit holes again!
 We had brought some bread to feed the ducks, but it was actually the fish that ate most of it.  We then saw some horses and went over to have a look.  There was a man tending to them, and he was telling us about them.  He then asked if any of the boys wanted to it on "Roxy" a beautiful, 7 year old, Gypsy Cob.  Ethan was very eager, but when it came to it, decided not to.  So Alec took the lead.  He thought it very strange having her skin twitching to disturb the flies.
 Ethan then decided he would like a go!
 And even Sophie joined in, and looked quite at ease.  (Luke was too heavy to lift over the barbed wire, but I think he was grateful for that excuse!)
 This photo doesn't do the place justice, but it really was beuatiful, and so relaxing.
 We returned home to a birthday tea.
 And some playing, in our newly cleared out conservatory.
 Did the necessary cake stuff!
 The boys were suggesting I should do a portfolio of all the cakes I have made, perhaps one day, if I have nothing else to talk about!
 And then, to top of his birthday, what would a ten year old request as a snack at bedtime, whilst reading his new Beano annual?  Grapes, raisins and cucumber of course!!
Our lovely, smiling, lego mad, funny, sweet, always wanting cuddles, Lally is 10!! Happy Birthday Alec!


Pull up a chair, have a cuppa and some cake, and if you feel like it, leave a comment.