Wednesday 31 August 2011

Chuffed with cable

I have always admired the jumpers my Mum has been able to knit in cable, and had set myself a challenge to learn how to knit cable. With the Guild Challenge being brought forward to December, where we have to create a bag using spinning, weaving or dyeing, I thought I had better try and crack this nut.  The wool I am using is my first real attempt at spinning, ie once I had sussed out what I was supposed to be doing, and it has quite a bobbly effect, which is as much down to the wool as my spinning, and the wool is quite coarse,so lends itself to a bag rather well.

I sat down and googled "how to knit cable", and I was off!  I'm sure there must be some more complicated patterns, but I am really rather chuffed at the effect, and how simple it is.  Combine that with using my own wool, and my new wooden circular needles, this is turning out to be a wonderful experience.  I like the rustic effect that is being created, and am excited to watch this grow day by day.
The book I am reading is "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh which I think is adding to the enjoyment of knitting this bag even more, as I am mindful of the stitches, of the wool, of the process of making the bag... can you tell I am loving making this?!

I thought I would join in with Ginny today sharing my knitting and reading, and the joy of both.


  1. Cool! Well done you on that cable work. :)

  2. Lovely, my Mom is an excellent cable knitter too, she taught me but I have to admit I don't enjoy doing cables. Great book choice too. There are many links between buddhism, mindfulness and knitting - meditation as you knit every stitch. I've read articles before on mindful knitting and it really connects with me.

    Look forward to seeing your bag grow. Working on my Guild challenge at the moment - a cushion from handspun wool which I'm weaving squares for one side and knitting the other side - they're to make the seats more comfy at meetings :-)

  3. Lovely, that looks great :-) x

  4. Well done - that really will be a special bag. I love how handwork keeps you in that moment. xxx

  5. Enjoy the cables they are fun and quite impressive. Love your spun wool - that sure will be a special bag.

  6. i've enjoyed your enthusiasm so much, you must feel wonderful learning the secrets of cableing! i love that book and t.n.h. and knitting and hand spun wool and cables!


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