Saturday 27 August 2011


 Last year I bought some wool, a bit of a cheating kind of wool that would give a Fair Isle effect.  My plan for this wool was some wristwarmers for me.  But as usual, projects for me never seem to happen!  So, having been given a little money for my birthday, I decided to treat myself and buy some wrist warmers from a dear friend in Ireland. 
 Rosemary, over at Selkie Crochet, has filled her etsy shop full of all kinds of woolly wonderful-ness, and I know she spends so much time by the sea, the thought of some of her creations being made whilst sat watching the Atlantic Ocean role in, is really quite peaceful. I am looking forward to the days getting cooler so that I have an excuse to wear these beautiful wrsitwarmers.

Another wonderful friend provided Sophie's birthday card.  Shell over at Handmade Haven had some owl cards that I fell in love with the moment I saw them. I also got a wedding card, but as the wedding hasn't taken place yet I felt it unfair to blog it! She has so many wonderful things for sale, a multi-talented woman.
 I suppose, as we start looking towards the end of the year, and dare I mention it, Christmas, we start looking for gifts for people.  I know, whilst I am hoping to be able to create many myself, I know there are wonderful talented people out there that will be able to help provide gorgeous gifts for you to give, and help us all to work towards a simpler, homemade festive period.

Thank you Rosemary and Shell, your talents are very much appreciated.


  1. oh thank you so much Claire, I'm so happy that you are happy with the wrist warmers (this is my favourite yarn - I love the shades of blue in them)

    I love your friend's cards - so cute!

    can't wait to see your own wristwarmers made from that yarn - thanks for tempting me with a new addition to my own ''must try'' list!

  2. Thank you Claire, glad you liked it. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the wool instead. Off to check out Selkie Crochet now :o)


  3. Such a beautiful world of handmade goodness out there. Including your own too!


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