Wednesday 24 August 2011


 It might have escaped your notice that this is a family that is keen on its games.  The other evening I came downstairs to a wonderful scene.  The boys were sprawled out on the floor creating a board game out of paper, and they then disappeared off upstairs to create another game from lego. 
 With rules and all, that only a seasoned table top wargamer could understand!
 The above picture is the game they were initially making.  Alec was in charge of illustration, Ethan was the overall decision maker, and Luke was the game designer!

Stuart and Luke disappeared off to a new game shop they found over the weekend, and came back with yet another game.  This one really appeals to the minds of all young boys.  It's name?  Poo!  You have a hand of cards, and see who, via their hand of monkeys, can fling the most poo at their apponents, but you can block incoming poo, suffer poo mishaps etc.. you get the picture!!  Fortunately it only involves cards and counters!  Although the the cry of "anyone want to play Poo?" has been shouted around abit!!

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