Wednesday 27 October 2010

A splashy, sploshy kind of day

A trip to Slimbridge with friends Rachel, Ian, Jake and Roo. The last time I went there I was probably about Luke's age, and went on a coach trip with my Nan. It made some lovely memories for me, especially the flamingoes and Hawaiian geese. So it was somewhere I had wanted to take the children for quite a while, and luck would have it it was pretty much half way between us and Rachel!

So it all started off as you'd expect. Meeting birds...
laughing at the flamingoes (sorry flamingoes, but boys being boys thought that you did sound rather funny!)
Seeing a line of ducks squeaking there way across a lake.
And of course feeding them...
...and asking for more!
But I would say the main chunk of the day was spent splashing and sploshing about in all the puddles.

A bit of tree climbing on the way...
...followed by more sploshing...

...and topped off with more wet play in welly boot land!

The end result was inevitable. Some very wet children! But fortunately Rachel had forewarned us, so there were changes of clothes in the car!

A fantastic day was had by all, and an even quieter night. Sploshing must be "the" way of inducing a peaceful nights sleep!

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  1. Oh such fabulous photo's/
    Looks like a wonderful day for everyone.
    Thank you for sharing.


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