Thursday 14 October 2010

Soul food

I can't remember if I mentioned I got a cello for my birthday. After wanting to play for many years, I got a second-hand cello as a gift from Stuart. So, since August I have been having a play about with it, teaching myself a little bit, but I could only play open strings, and felt I could benefit from some lessons.

So today was my first lesson. How wonderful! I had an hour to concentrate on the cello, to learn technique, to discover muscles I never knew I had. It really is a rather physical instrument. But, the sound, when I get it right, sings to my soul!

So a bit of practising tonight, and before you know it, it will be time for my next lesson! Sophie was a star too, waving me off and staying with Mum for a couple of hours, without any fuss at all.
Ethan was living dangerously here though, he very nearly got a bow in his ear!
I'm hoping too that with the boys seeing me practising, it will encourage them to practise too, as they are all now learning different instruments. Luke on the drums, Alec on the guitar, and Ethan the keyboard! A friend suggested we could all go busking, I think we may have to, to pay for all these music lessons!!


  1. Beautiful, so pleased you are enjoying it too. Maybe you could add a little video to your blog one day (if you have a way to record it) - would love to hear you playing when you feel comfortable in sharing.

    You look very professional and harmonious with your Cello. Enjoy your practice and lessons xx

  2. Wow you look utterly entranced :-)

    I love the sound of the cello too. Beautiful.

  3. Oh, how exciting for you. Love the sound of the cello too xxx

  4. It sounds wonderful, enjoy your new craft! I have a violin sat gathering dust waiting for me to re-learn the skill, you have reminded me to do something about it :) xx

  5. Fantastic! Love the idea of a whole family busking :-)

    Enjoy your new passion xxx


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