Saturday 2 October 2010

Natural Joys

Perhaps it is just that I am easily pleased, but today has brought some wonderful joys from the allotment. Just look at the pattern of the seeds on this sunflower head, I could look at it for ages.
It has taken me 3 years to grow a decent carrot, so was very proud when I pulled this one out of the ground today!
Still got lots of sunny calendula, so harvested some as I was pulling up the plants to clear the beds. I just love the colour and the smell, and the fact it is so wonderful to use on our bodies. I've also wondered whether it has contributed to the carrot harvest, as it was growing amongst the carrots, and does have quite a strong smell, so may well have masked the smell of the carrots, therefore detering carrot fly. I'll try it again next year, and see if I get the same result.
Some of the calendula has gone into olive oil with comfrey root and comfrey leaf to make a healing nappy balm. It's supposed to have St. John's Wort too, but I can never find any of that!
And sweetcorn has been another success this year, which has made us all happy, as we all like corn on the cob!
I think I've got a thing for patterns at the moment. I just love the patterns made by sweetcorn, as well as the pattern made as you peel back the papery leaves.
As I said, easily pleased!


  1. great days .. lovely harvest x

  2. Lovely, and I get mesmerised by sunflower heads too - love the Fibanacci (sp?) patterns.

    Great harvests, well done on the sweetcorn, looks lovely xx

  3. The wonder of growing your own produce never fades! DH looks at me as if I'm insane when I hold up a three inch long runner bean saying, 'look what I grew all by myself!'



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