Sunday 24 October 2010

Christmas Plans

Sorry, but I've got to do it, with just two months to go til Christmas, I've got to think about what I am making. Well, to be truthful, I haven't stopped thinking about things, and am trying to find enough people to give all these wonderful ideas to. In reality though, I doubt I will get to do all my ideas!

Here's the ideas:
Crocheted baskets filled with homemade lip balm, tie dyed hanky, and some of Shells wonderful soap - WIP
Winter hat - WIP
Felted bag - WIP
Felted pencil cases -WIP
Crocheted guitar strap
Paint brush roll
Selection of damson gin, sloe gin, and redcurrant rum in Morsbags - WIP
Chutneys and jams in Morsbags - WIP
lemon curd
Felted book marks
Cross stitch book mark - WIP
Noticeboard made from spent wine corks
Padded slip cases for scalextric cars
Crocheted blanket for dolls - WIP

Still got to think of some things for specific people, but this should keep me busy in the meantime!


  1. Lovely list - love the sound of the cork notice board xxx

  2. We've saved a gazillion corks over the last sixteen years but never done anything with them, please share pics when your notice board is made, might give me a nudge to do somethign with them! I daren't write my list down, it's waaaay too long! xxx

  3. Great list, mine's still in my head - must get it onto paper before I forget something.
    Look forward to seeing your creations, have fun xx


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