Friday 22 October 2010

Ordinary Life Magic

Every now and again I feel as if we ought to go to toddler group. But once we are there, I wonder why we go, as Sophie just plays with all the toys that she plays with at home, along with some toys I'd rather she didn't play with!

However, this morning, I decided we should go, as I want to do a few more special things with Sophie now. As usual, I didn't think much of toddlers, but LOVED walking there chatting away with Sophie in the sling. Her imagination is something to behold, the corner of the sling became a snake, which was kissed, fed and stroked! Then, on the way back she decided to walk some of the way, and that is where the magic came into it. Counting the stones 2...4...6...
Finding conkers...
...throwing conkers...
...kicking leaves...
...and finding mouldy apples!!
I think next time we ought to just go for a walk, we both seem to get so much more out of it!


  1. Absolutely, walks are much more fun, connecting with nature, learning about the world. Also a nicer environment than the toddler groups.

    I never went to any when my daughter was little, well I did once - didn't stay long, never returned.
    So much better being our walking for Mama and daughter as you say, widens the imagination.


  2. I've never been to a toddler group, like you, I just loved being unrestricted and not having to worry about other people's children at such a tender age!! By the looks of your photos, you both had a very happy time, so take the pressure off yourselves. At this age, Sophie will learn loads about socialising from you and if she sees a happy mum, it will give her confidence too. xxxx


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