Sunday 31 October 2010


Knowing quite a few pagans I started to look into Samhain as the root of Halloween, especially as Luke and Alec are not keen on Halloween.

As has been said in many other places before here, Samhain is such a more respectful celebration than the present day Halloween. A rememberance of the dead, remembering what has gone before, what needs changing. Looking at the dying of the natural year, and awaiting the rebirth of the sun. All which is far more palatable than spooks, tricks and a massive overload of sugar.

This year we are having a community party on the green our houses surround. Different households are bringing different types of food. Luke, aka master firelighter, is doing a firebowl, and I suppose a few marshmallows may sneak in! The children are dressing up, but there will be no trick or treating. A few games will be had, and hopefully it will be as close as we can get (with many mainstream families) to a more respectful Halloween.

Wishing you all Samhain Blessings.



  1. That sounds lovely Claire, have a lovely evening xxx

  2. Hope you enjoyed your celebrations - they sound perfect. xx


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