Thursday 23 September 2010

Welcome... favourite season.

Spotting the wonderful dewey spider webs first thing in the morning. The freshness of the air. Seeing a years hard graft at the allotment turn into preserves stacking up in the garage. The colours, the rustle of the leaves. The mystery and intrigue of those foggy mornings. The coolness of the evenings, making you long for home, blankets and a fire. Having family all around on those darker evenings, spending time together, chatting, laughing, singing, crafting. Pumpkin Pie, steamy vegetable soup.

A few of my favourite things I think of when I think of Autumn. Welcome.


  1. Autumn is always welcome with me too. I enjoyed reading your favourite things - it felt so warm and cosy. xxx

  2. Autumn blessings to you all xxx


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