Monday 6 September 2010

Mama Made Monday - drumstick bag

Since Christmas I have been wanting to make a drumstick bag for Luke to be able to put his sticks in. I have eventually managed to make it for his Birthday tomorrow, it only took half a day, so why it took since Christmas to get my act together I don't know! There are three pockets for drumsticks on the front, and then that flash of red is the lining for the back pocket where he can store his music. It has a flap that covers all this, fixed with a press-stud, and strap on the back to sling it over his shoulder when going out and about. I hope he likes it. And on a completely unrelated note, just look at the produce of 1 1/2 hours harvesting down the lottie today! I'm really pleased with the potatoes, very little damage to them, and some good roasters there! The winter purple sprouting is sprouting already, and we got our first sweetcorn cob today too! More apples and plums, the last of the onions, one courgette, and a bag full of runner beans (courtesy of a neighbouring plot holder who had too much for her needs!)
I am not even going to start thinking as to what to do with it all at the moment, the focus for tomorrow will be Luke, and his 12th birthday.


  1. I'm sure Luke will love the drum stick bag clever Mama!
    Looks like the lottie is still producing plenty of goodies for you. My little plot is reaching it's end for this year. The beans are down in the wind and everything else has bolted or been eaten by pests.

  2. Great crafting and wow, what a lot of great produce! Happy Birthday to Luke for tomorrow too. xxx


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