Tuesday 14 September 2010

Piggy obsession

The start of Sophie's obsession with pigs all started at the farm shop. She loved going to see them as we called in to get out own food. When one of the women who worked there took her to feed the pigs, it cemented her love for them.

So today, we asked if there was any food to go to the pigs, and we took it down ourselves.
Feeding them carrots, cabbage, leek, plums, tomatoes, and pears.
They were very grateful.
And then Sophie started beckoning to them, wanting them all to come back up to the car with us so they could all come to our house!


  1. Oh they are so cute. We can feed the pigs at our farmshop too, but they are huge beasts, and behind an electric fence, so i am always a bit wary! xx

  2. Hahaha aww wanting to take the piggies home might be taking it a little bit far Sophie!! So cute. :)

  3. I hope the obsession calms down a bit before she's older lol. Not sure it would be good for her to bring them home with her one day!
    Makes Cain's stick collecting obsession much more easier to put up with ;-)


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