Sunday 5 September 2010


Lots of these from the allotment. Now I have worked out how to get them whilst they are edible (ie pick them just before they get ripe) means there probably won't have to be as much of... ...this being made! Apple and Plum jam, all from the lottie. Those kilner jars hold quite a bit, so it should keep us going for a while.
Some foraged damsons from a trip to our local park ended up as some Damson Gin...
...along with some damson jam. I just love the colour, smell and taste of damson jam.
And it looks like there's some more preserving on the horizon. Two marrows to be turned into marrow and ginger jam, and look at these green tomatoes. I discovered my tomato plants had blight, so had to pick all the fruit before the blight spread to them. So green tomato chutney is now on the cards too.
I'm also wanting to do some hedgerow cordial, more damson things, sloe gin, apple chutney, and mincemeat. Looks like I'll be spending a good few hours in the kitchen then!


  1. Bet you could ripen some of those green tomatoes if you wanted though! Love all the wonderful preserving going on at your house. Yum! :)

  2. What a great harvest Claire. We are in the middle of ours too - lots of pears for the first time. xx


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