Wednesday 8 September 2010


Luke is 12! Let me say that again, my first born is 12!!

He was rather disappointed at having to go to school on his Birthday, especially as he had so much new WarHammer to build, along with a Tamiya remote control car he has to build from scratch! But whilst he was at school, we were busy at home making it ready for his return. Ethan (who was a little unwell, and therefore not at school) made a lovely picture to put on the front door.
We decorated the lounge.
We made the cake.
Then we had a little tea party, topped off with cake and candles.
A game of Ludo...
And after listening to some Beethoven, Handel, and Holst, they settled on some good old AC/DC! Another fine example of the eclectic musical tastes in this house!
Our gorgeous little boy, who was the first to teach us the beauty and wonderment of parenthood. The child who looks at things in a completely different way, and asks questions I had never even thought of. Who astounds everyone with his talents at drumming, writing, and WarHammer, and who has all the time in the world for litte children. Thank you for being you, and I look forward to sharing your journey into the teenage years.


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Happy Birthday Luke!

    I so love the last photo - looks brilliant. And ohhh that cake looks rather yummy too!

  2. Happy birthday to Luke - I have a 12 year old too - scary isn't it!

    Love the birthday cake


  3. Happy Birthday, I was in shock when my oldest turned 10 so you must be really shocked at yours becoming 12 - where does the time go?!

  4. So glad he had a wonderful day, I love all of these pictures (and am quite jealous of the cake)!


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