Tuesday 1 June 2010

A weekend of fun, fire, and friends

A weekend away in the forest with other families from the GP forum. Lots of activities on offer, from beeswax candles and air dried clay candle holders (of which the boys made 14!!) Some looking more like grenades and dynamite than candles, but they enjoyed creating them none the less!

A walk through the woods, although I didn't take my camera, I was too busy carrying Sophie who seems to have developed an aversion to the sling :(

On the Sunday we did some activities using the equipment at the centre. Here are the boys getting ready for the zipwire. With Sophie reckoning she should be joining in the fun too!

We also had a go at the climbing wall, Alec and Luke making it look so easy! And Luke and I did the high ropes, which was an amazing challenge, and my hands were still shaking for a while afterwards, again, Luke made it look so easy, even though he said it was the most scared he had ever been! Alec, Luke and I also did the trapeze, again an amazing challenge for me, as balance really isn't my strong point, but so glad I did it! And Alec got further with it than he has ever done before. Standing on that platform at the top with it wobbling all over the place is no mean feat for someone who is naturally cautious!
A BBQ followed in the evening, with lots of playing by the children.
Luke, aka "master fire lighter" organised the littlies in bringing wood for the campfire, and built a roaring fire in no time at all, then rebuilt it after the embers were "nicked" for the bbq!
Marshmallows followed, all six bags of them!!!!!!
Along with some very grubby, tired children...
... a good sign that a fantastic time was had!

It was great to see so many strong friendships formed, between children, mothers and the dads. Thank you to all who went for making such wonderful memories for us all. And a special thank you to Rachel, Ian and Jennifer for all the work done behind the scenes.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time x

  2. Sounds lovely. Glad everyone had a great time!

  3. Cain is loving the pictures of his friends! Really can't wait for the next one when we will be more with it and hopefully able to arrive and depart more reasonably. Thank you for heling make the weekend so special Claire. xx

  4. What a great weekend you had. Amazing to have that time amongst like minded people and in such a great setting. Very envious!! x


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