Tuesday 8 June 2010

A trip to London

Stuart's niece got married this last weekend, and we were there to join in the celebration. It was a lovely occasion with everything being done by families and friends. From the dresses made by a friend, to the invitations designed by her sister, the cake and flowers made by family, the music from the grooms band. And all in walking distance!

Sophie decided I was not allowed to wear my hat! She also decided that the pews made excellent horses, as well as a great climbing frame. But I think we got away with not disturbing the service too much!

It was a real eye-opener taking an adventurous toddler to London. For one, she was fascinated by the planes (we were on the Heathrow flight path, so plenty of planes to be seen!) Here she is pointing out one of the many planes!
She also pointed out every bus we saw (again, many of them too!) by pointing at her nose, as for the horn in wheels on the bus!
The most stressful part of the weekend though was trying to keep tabs on her, she is used to free-ranging, but with the weather being so hot, all the doors were open, and were open onto busy roads. She gave me a scare by walking out of the hotel via those doors that open when approached, and fortunately was caught before she got to the road. After that I really could not relax until we were safe back home. My hats off to anyone who lives in a built up area who is able to give their children the freedom they desire.

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