Tuesday 8 June 2010

I do wonder about these children!

Apparently yoghurt is so much more than a nourishing snack. It is a multi-sensory experience, and tastes far better eaten off toilet paper! A picture drawn by Alec, which at first galnce made me smile, the dragon, the apples on the tree, the tent with a light by the side of it. But then I noticed the gas cloud eminating from the dragon's behind, along with poo! And there is a little boy by the apple tree doing a wee! A certain low level of humour here!
And then on the back of that picture (apologies for it being on its side) another picture, by Ethan this time, with question marks above the heads of many characters. Why? Because a man on the moon was fishing and has caught a space rocket, and a man parachuting out the plane has a cow parachuting out next to him! A certain off-the-wall quality here!

I love the way these children make me smile each day, as well as a little eye-rolling at times!!


  1. Lol yoghurt flavoured tissue paper? I wonder about your children too! They are absolutely lovely anyway though.

  2. Hehe - inspired pictures!
    And - yes - yoghurt is used as a sculpting / painting medium in this house too xx

  3. love it, modern artists in the making :-)


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