Wednesday 23 June 2010

You win some, you lose some

Life has been spent down the allotment of late. Usually after I have dropped the boys off at school, before it gets too hot. I usually time my visits around when Sophie is feeling tired, in the hope that she will sleep whilst I am there, and I can have a good go at the plot! However, this week it has been a case of going whilst she is wide awake and it is cool-ish, or not at all!

Sophie has been entertaining herself, by picking strawberries, or helping put the strawberries in the punnets, and I found her "sowing" redcurrants in some seed trays and pots that had been left down there, I couldn't be cross, she was only doing what she had seen me do with seeds hundreds of times before.
Things are looking quite lush in places.

And look what we are getting daily at the moment!!

The redcurrants look promising, I'll have to think as to what to do with them, as we have never had a decent harvest from them before.

But this year the blackcurrants are pretty much non-existant, so no blackcurrant sorbet this year :( I think I may have pruned them incorrectly, I always get confused between redcurrant and blackcurrant pruning.
And just look at the state of the garlic (excuse the weeds!) The onions aren't faring much better either, with bolting, and an attack of white rot.
Lesson learned: keep on top of the watering, and not just on the really hot days!

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