Tuesday 29 June 2010

A mish mash of things

Last week Luke was away with the school, doing all the things he loves doing such as abseiling, rock climbing, zip wire, King swing, quad biking etc. It was an incredibly long week for us at home, and we were hoping that it was zipping by for Luke, and that he was a having a great time. Unfortunately the social side of it let him down, spending that long with class mates was a bit too much for Luke, and he came home vowing never to go anywhere again without Mum and Dad! It has set him back with school too. I think friendships is the only reason he goes to school, and now he doesn't even see that as a particular lure The request for home-schooling has begun again, but I am really not sure how realistic that would be. The summer holidays can not come quick enough, and hopefully he can have some time to relax without thinking about the trivialities of school.

As for the rest of us, Sophie had her first ride on the back of my bike. It was lovely to get back on it, but I will need to build up my fitness levels a bit! We went foraging for Elderflowers to make some cordial. More strawberries picked, along with some redcurrants and raspberries. But unfortunately it would seem the extra security measures at the allotment have not been enough to deter the vandals, and they got in at the weekend pulling up whatever they could find. Fortunately for us it was only the remainder of the garlic, which was ready to be pulled anyway, but others lost young plants to the thugs :(

Alec is off on his first cub camp this coming weekend, so I hope he has a great time. And we are getting together camping gear for our first venture into camping with children. We've bought a 6 berth tent which is so enormous the bag for the canvas has wheels on it!! Hopefully this will be the start of many adventures, once I can get past the erecting of the tent whilst keeping tabs on a certain young lady who will leg it at the slightest opportunity! But that's what older children are for, right?!

I feel rather humbled to have received a number of blog awards recently. I will do a seperate post about those when I can sit and think! In the meantime I have some jam to make, and possibly some redcurrant rum!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the vandals wrecking the allotment. That must be so maddening, just because they're too stunted in their own shallow lives to appreciate the pleasure of growing things, they have to wreck it for others.

    I hope the Summer holidays come round quickly and you can have a think about schooling and what it's giving your family. It's not easy is it.


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