Sunday 23 May 2010

Summery days #2

What to do on a balmy May day? The thought of joining with the masses of people in parks nearby did not appeal, but a walk in a wood, that always goes down well. Unfortuantely we couldn't get to the wood we wanted to go to due to lack of carparking. But we went on a bit of an adventure. Found a footpath sign, found a layby, and started walking! We came across the most enormous field, the boys enjoyed a good run around!
After generally missing the cow pats in another field (Luke was the first to find one with his foot!) we came across some more animals sheltering from the heat of the day.

The boys were concerned we would never find our way back again, so there were squeals of delight when we rounded a corner and found our little layby and car. So we settled down for the picnic in the shady knoll by the car.

And luck should have it, we found a pub on our way home, so stopped for further refreshments! This was the first time we actually saw any other people, so a wonderful, peaceful, natural, summery day out.

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