Friday 26 March 2010

An update

Apologies for being so late about the season swap posting, but here is our season swap things from Lisa T, some wonderful sun plaques and a lovely spring egg. All helping to usher in a long awaited spring. Thank you Lisa.

Other things we have been up to this week, whilst I have been making a concerted effort to spend less time online. Alec found the Mais that has been sat on a shelf for years, and made this lovely Spring picture.
Also an Easter card for a friend, made whilst recovering from a throat infection.

Painting eggs to make cress heads

Ethan got a book about dragons the other day, with lots of models of dragons to make, so he has been busy.

At the same time, Luke got a book about drawing Manga, and here is one of his drawings.
Birthday cake was made for Stuart, by Luke and Ethan. Well, more specifically the icing was made by Luke and Ethan as they wanted to lick out the bowl!!
Pillow fights were had, with a fearless little girl in the midst of it all!
Recently I have been thinking about how life was before the computer. What I did, and what I do now. Whilst I have learned so much from the people I have "met" online, I think I spend way too much time on here, especially as I have 4 children to look after. This week I have tried hard not to whittle away the hours on here, and look what we have done! So, with a busy growing season ahead of me, and a family to nuture, I am turning my time to more productive pursuits.

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  1. Same thoughts here about what I have done before I got "addicted" to certain forums and blogs! I am trying to cut back, but its really hard.


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