Sunday 28 March 2010

An active Saturday

Lots of things happening again, all in the course of a day! My kitchen cupboard raided for bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, to try to make a fountain. Half a bottle of vinegar and bicarb later, this is what we got. Then other combinations were tried, coke and bicarb doesn't work, neither does coke and refreshers!

I had been feeling rather down first thing, so we went for a walk to lift my spirits, and get us all a bit of fresh air. We had a play in the playground.

Where a certain young lady scaled up an eight foot slide, all by herself, and then made Mummy panic once she got to the top. Luckily Luke was on hand to guide her safely back down!
Two brothers helped with the swing.
We walked through the woods, where we found some trees with moss growing at the base. I thought they looked like they were wearing grass skirts, so Luke decided if they were doing the "hula" they needed to be decorated with "hula hoops" which he just happened to have to hand! The photo isn't that great, but can you see the hula hoop on the branch?
And of course if you go through woods, you can guarantee that a certain young man will be up a tree! It took him a while, but he got there! Nothing like bringing a smile to your face when an 11 year old runs across a clearing yelling "tree, tree!" when he has seen a suitable climbing tree!

To top the day off there was a game of cricket in the backgarden, with the chickens joining in! Some trampolining, sowing of onion seeds, and then Earth Hour brought a game of Shadows in the Woods!
So after starting off feeling low, we had a lovely day, and hope Spring will bring us more days like this.

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