Thursday 18 March 2010

second hand delights

Whilst looking for a birthday present for Stuart, I came across a lovely charity shop I had not frequented before, and look at these treasures!

Whilst I am not a fan of pink, at all, I saw these and instead of seeing the colour, I just saw beauty. I cannot work out whether to let Sophie have them for dressing up, or for party clothes, she has a while before they will fit her, but they really are stunning!

Some knitting patterns for some funky clothes for Sophie, and a foody book, as I always like to know how to make people feel better via food :)


  1. Nothing like charity shopping to lift the spirits and finding a charity shop that you didn't know was there is even better!!

  2. Lovely knitting patterns. I must be a bit sad as I buy secondhand knitting patterns just for the smiles lol. And that food book is great, we have had it for many, many years and it helped confirmed our beliefs in the dangers and properties of what we eat. Also provided many points of reference to sceptical friends ;-)
    Hmm, you've inspired me to think about dragging myself off to town for charity shop wander now.......xx

  3. That is a beautiful outfit - what a good trip you had. x


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