Friday 12 March 2010

Things that have made me smile

I am aware that there has been a certain negativity to things of late. It has not all been negative, here are a few things that have warmed my heart and made me smile.
A safari scene one Saturday, despite Sophie's attempt at "helping".

Sophie and Ethan playing farms. Playing on the big kiddies toys at a soft play centre with a little help from Alec.Taking the chaos of soft play in her stride.
A very patient Luke taking time out from drum practice. The sum of our parsnip harvest, eventually dug up once the ground defrosted! Very tasty though.
Sophie enjoying her new space to call her own.
Ethan off to school as an eskimo, with huskies.
As far as school goes at the moment, things are looking up. Luke is meeting with his teachers to look at what can be done to make it more interesting for him, and has already been put forward for a maths project on the gifted and talented programme. Alec's teacher was mortified that things were so bad for him, and credit to her she has really taken on board what needs to be done with him to engage him in lessons. Ethan still has days when he doesn't want to go, but these aren't as common, and we are making more of an effort at home to fit in the extra things they want to do, however, sleep tends to be the one thing that tends to get cut back on! I can tell this is unsustainable, but Easter holidays are soon, some good R & R is in order then.


  1. I love the picture of Sophie in her own space looking at books - so lovely.
    Glad things are looking up on the education front too.

  2. Lovely pictures - especially the eskimo.
    Was the outfit as troublesome as you thought it would be? It certainly looks the part. xx


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