Sunday 14 March 2010

Mothers Day Musings

This morning, whilst trying to get ready before our guests arrived, with a screaming Sophie wanting my attention, I got thinking. This was no way to celebrate motherhood. I had a house to tidy, a meal for 12 to cook, a husband who was not feeling his best, children being asked to stop what they were doing to help out, and no time for each other.

We are made to think that "Mothers Day" is about mothers having a day off, putting their feet up, being waited upon, receiving gifts. I was beginning to feel resentful that I wasn't experiencing the putting up of feet, being waited on, etc, but in fact was racing around like a headless chicken!

Then I stopped, took stock of what I had. I am not only a mother, but also a daughter, wife, woman, grand-daughter. We were going to be having a family day, to include parents-in-law, aunt and uncle, my brother and mum, along with our own family. Yes, it would be hectic, yes, I would be tired by the end of the day, but what a wonderful way to celebrate family, togetherness, and a part of that is mother-hood, as well as father-hood, child-hood etc. I know the effort was appreciated by everyone, we all had a lovely day, despite the chaos at the beginning of the day, and so what if I wasn't able to rest, really I was in my element!


  1. Sounds a lovely way to celebrate.

    I do miss the family gatherings; although my own mothers's day was lovely too :-)

  2. :) I can well picture it - and you're right, how lovely to be able to celebrate EVERYONE, and to celebrate the chaos and WORK of being a mother too lol.


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